The CONTRACTORS project was created to simplify the search for partners who meet the required criteria as much as possible. With the opening of state registers of company data, it became possible to use official data, but so far these are cumbersome and fragmented registers, which are not convenient to use without additional processing, especially if a very limited amount of data is required.

Currently CONTRACTORS combines information from 5 registries:

  • Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Associations
  • Documents from the Register of construction activities of the Unified State Electronic System in the field of construction
  • List of business entities that have valid licenses for the right to conduct business activities for the carriage of passengers, hazardous goods and hazardous waste by road, international transportation of passengers and goods by road
  • Vehicles as a means of conducting business
  • Procurement/tender lots made through the electronic public procurement system Prozorro

We started with the simplest and most common request - to find company contacts. There is contact information about companies in the two abovementioned registers, but it does not cover all companies. Often, instead of telephone numbers, a set of digits is indicated in the register, from which it is not easy to define the correct phone number. We tried to recognize the maximum number of phone numbers, however, even this does not inspire confidence that we will be able to reach the required company, since not all companies regularly update their contact information. In this regard, we added the ability to add correct contact information and mark whether it was possible to contact an existing number, so that other users use their time more efficiently, and the owners of the phone numbers do not suffer from constant erroneous calls.

The next common request is to find a company that meets the required criteria - a company that is able to complete the task we need, i.e. has relevant experience and technical base. To do this, we combined the mentioned registries and created functionality that allows you to combine many criteria from different registries, and also added key quantitative indicators for the possibility of sorting and comparing contractors with each other.

We hope our free service will help you solve your business problems, and you, in turn, will help us improve the quality of the data provided.

During the registration process, we partially exclude bots from accessing company contact information in order to reduce the amount of spam that the relevant companies will receive.
In fact, there is no limit to the number of contacts a user can view. Since participating in improving the quality of information (indicating whether it was possible to contact by an existing contact or adding an actual contact) or developing a service (inviting new users), the user receives a much larger increase in the limit. In addition, this mechanism reduces the number of unwanted contacts for companies listed in the directory.
We use data from official registers, but even official registers can contain errors. In addition, manual processing of data of this volume requires significant resources, which would make it impossible to provide the service free of charge. Accordingly, the algorithms used by us for automatic data processing can also introduce inaccuracies. We would be grateful for your comments with appropriate confirmation.
The catalog contains only general contractors, designers and customers who are indicated in the data on comissioned objects since 2010, as well as carriers who have valid licenses for the right to carry out economic activities for the transport of passengers, dangerous goods and hazardous waste, or who have vehicles, as a means of carrying out economic activities. Only legal entities are listed in the catalog. Individual entrepreneurs have not yet been added to the catalog.
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